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Hong Kong

Time difference: GMT + 8
Currency: Hong Kong Dollar
Exchange Rate: £1 = 12.50HKD (approx)
Flight time from UK: 12 - 13½ hours
International Dialling Code: 00852

Reclamation used to be a bit of a buzz word on HK residents’ lips, although recently, the government has sidelined some of these projects in an effort of increase environmental awareness. There is still plenty going on in this city of contradictions, where gleaming skyscrapers compete for air space while chaotic winding streets tangle around traditional temples and authentic dim sum cafes.

Hong Kong’s public transport system is amongst the best in the world, and the government have plans to further improve it. Approval has been granted for the extension of MTR’s West Island line, which is hoped to ease congestion from the CBD to the residential area of Kennedy Town. Following the opening of the second rail link from the island to the mainland, new bridges and tunnels are also planned. Another, more controversial project is the West Kowloon Cultural District which will transform a piece of barren reclaimed land into a centre for arts, culture and entertainment if developers manage to keep residents on side with their plans.

Random fact: Hong Kong has the longest escalator system in the world measuring 800m. If you were to stand stationary on this, it would take 20 minutes to travel its length.

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